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Your smart home journey is as unique as you are. If you dream of streaming music or video to any room of your home, or having total control of your heating, lights, blinds and security, our smart home systems can help get you there. Control all of your systems with handy keypads, touch screens, your phone or even your voice.  The possibilities are endless. Our Control 4 smart home systems are here to help you customize your home in a way that suits you. Our friendly team of experts is here to help you plan, design, install the right systems and technology to immerse you in the magic of a smart home experience.


Climate Control

Never touch your thermostat again with our smart climate control systems.


Smart Entertainment

Experience audio and video without limits as you stream music and video to any room in your home.


Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy total control your lighting inside or out with smart home light fixtures, motion sensing technology and more.


Automated Blinds

Take control of your blinds with scheduling, automated controls, voice commands or remotes.


Security & Surveillance

Rest assured your home is safe with smart home monitoring. Control every aspect of your home security from at home or away.


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From a small project to your entire home, our knowledgeable sales team is here to help.  Get in touch with us to discuss your smart home goals with one of our experts who will answer your questions, and help you find the best solutions for your project or your home.